Take some time to recover this Easter…. but how & why….. ?


Recovery?  Hmmmm, do you do that?  I mean really do that.

It’s an interesting one. I coach many people to get motivated to have the confidence to start to get fit.  Then they become fit, and love that feeling.  Or get super focused on the results, almost addicted.  It’s good right? And then I coach people World Champions, Ironman, Triathlon, Marathon’s, adventures, Stage Shows… and the training is tough, and there is a lot.


But what about Rest, Recovery and Adaption…. this is just a simple little blog for thought.

If you are a professional athlete, rest, recovery and adaption is planned in your training. Combined with great nutrition, sports massage and lots more.

If you are someone with big fitness goals, beach #fitbod goals, running your first marathon or ‘semi pro goals’ I think we forget that we are doing ‘life’, work, families, caring, cooking etc as well as training.  And therefore our training needs to be smarter, and have a great sense of quality and wisdom behind it to adapt to our lifestyle.

Yet what needs to be most highlighted is our recovery.  This is KEY.  This is where your body adapts and recovers, where the muscles become stronger, faster and leaner.  Where your body rebalances the stress levels, and burns fat.  Where you reduce the risk of injury, increase your motivation, refuel with delicious food and sleep.

I know, I know… it’s harder to rest when things are going to plan, and frustrating to rest if you are injured…. yet either and both is key.  Above all it reduces your stress levels letting all of the above happen.

So how do I recover well?


I see it as an essential part of training.  I block it into my diary, and think of it as time to rebalance, to catch up with friends or family, to cook and play with a new recipe, to review my training, to do something different.  I also see recover as maintenance with sports massage, osteopathy and kineosiology, as required.   I know this is an expense, but I see it as essential to overall wellbeing, a good role model for my business, to be in client role and to help manage my encephalitis.


Which brings me to what I have learned about recover and a condition….. the smarter you train, with the best, good food that works for you, with lots of sleep and recovery… makes you way stronger, happier and healthier than ‘junk’ training and lots of supplements without the base being strong. But that’s just what I think and recommend…

When I train… I have three types of sessions.  The first is a serious focused, high intensity session.  There may be music, but often there is silence and the focus on my mind on the results I want.  It’s hard, sweaty and only when I am focused on a set goal.  I do love these, but I have to be feeling good.  If I’m not, I will adapt and change the day to get the best quality from the session.  Session two is focused and still challenging, but a little easier, maybe listening to a podcast in the background with plenty of focus on from, technique and developing my overall fitness.  The final session is PLAY, its for fun, it’s what I fancy, doing what I want, for as long as I want.

I believe keeping your training FUN is so important.  Whatever you love to do, do it… from dance to rock climbing, lifting weights to ballet, running to skydiving, find you love and do it. Do it until the motivation ebbs, and then find something else….

I also cycle my training overall, so sometimes I may have a big fitness goal and competition, so for 3 months, this is my FOCUS and priority.  Then for the following 1-2 months at least, it’s in maintenance. Where I do regular little bits of training, but it’s not my priority. Overall I find this helps if I get injured to have a balance in life, and other interests, whilst also reduces the risk of injury.  I also find it enhances my focus to compete at my best, whilst avoiding burnout….

in your head

To recover and avoid delayed onset of muscles soreness I believe all the above is key… 

Listening to your body and adapting the sessions accordingly.

Allowing enough recovery from and between key sessions to allow adaption and growth to occur.

Booking a sports massage or osteopathy treatment, or whatever works for you regularly to keep things in balance. Making time to foam roll, and stretch. Having a bath with epsom salts.

Mixing up your training cycles and focus.

Having good, healthy fresh food and making it tasty and interesting

Having plenty of sleep and rest – or as much as you can and adapting if you are short of sleep or stressed at work/children etc, to keep stress levels balanced

Supplementing appropriately – I love Green & Purple Powder, https://greenpowder.co.uk/

Phil Richards Range (for recovery Collagen, Amino Relax – there are many)


Organo Green Tea http://energisedperformance.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=0d786edd08ece7ef5839b4aab&id=750dcbafe0&e=a03f6ab727

Using a great recovery balm like Activbod Cooling Finish Gel https://activbod.com/#!store/cykf/collections/all/1


Sharing your progress, celebrating the highs and learning and adapting from the challenges….

That’s my quick ramble about recovery… I could write lots more, but for now… I would love to know what you think, any questions and what you do to recover? tweet me @kimingleby @energisedcoach



Photos:Kevin Sacre Images (C) Kit: Sweaty Betty