Make Your Life Brilliant Mentoring


I would love to welcome you to our Make 2018 Brilliant Mentoring Year, more information and applications open September 2017.

For 1:1 Mentoring and Support in 2017 with Kim please contact her directly

In the meantime, keep a look out for our Autumn 21 Day course and hald day workshop packed full of simple tips and useful tools to give you the confidence, creativity, courage and commitment to refine your goals and focus, with interaction and action plans each week, and support every 2 days on our private support group page. It takes 21 days to change or embed a new habit, feeling or action so we feel it’s the perfect way to kick start beginning to Make your Autumn 2017 Brilliant!


What does the 21 Days include:

A proven course giving you effective simple tools & support to become clear on your goals & actioning plans

Mini Confidence Tips to let go of your limits and moving towards sarting what you really want to make happen this year

Simple, quick exercises working on your goals, helping you gain clarity and focus, balance, perspective & courage

Expert advice, support & coaching tools to help you create a plan for your best year yet

21 days of group support from TEDx Speaker, Life Fitness Global Trainer to Watch & Charity Adventurer Coach Kim Ingleby


Interaction, friendships and fun in a relaxed, supportive and respectful environment online

Special prices for 1:1 coaching and support if booked in Jan – April 2017

What does it not include:

1:1 Coaching support or interaction


What you need to know:

Once you have signed up you will receive your first email and more information.

Everyone is welcome (wherever you are in the World), packed full of coaching tips and advice to give you your best year and action yet.   We find men and women of all background & ages have enjoyed and achieved their goals from this workshop, from Fitpro’s to Mum’s, Athletes to business people.


The 21 Day Challenge starts with the popular 8th –  Make your Life Brilliant 2018 Workshop at Bristol Zoo, a perfect way to embed your goals, boost your confidence and commitment, and get some group interaction and support with Kim – sign up below, we will recommend places to stay and much more too. Full outline coming mid November.

On 8th Feb 2018 we will start our VIP Team Possible – The School of Confidence Year’s Mentoring Club for those people who feel passionate and ready to really make some changes in life this year. This Club runs for 11 months & is small & supportive, with on line coaching group calls, weekly interaction, coaching tools, books, podcasts and support.  If you are interested in applying for this, please email and we will send you a Success Form to see if you feel it’s right for you.

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