#JoyfulJune….. your top 3 Goals to Set & Achieve?


I hope you had a wonderful weekend?

So many of my #teamenergised #thepossibles & friends were out and about, achieving great things, I’m totally inspired… really and truly.

From a Big Team Energised Group at the Bristol 10km including several ladies doing their first 10km to Outside of Bristol, the Edinbugh Marathon (Sweaty Betty Bristol Manager Amy, woo hoo!), Nottingham Triathlon, Outlaw 70.3 Triathlon & WBFF UK Stage Show (Abby Pell you rock!), amazing, amazing results. I love the courage and commitment people have to achieve things, stretch their boundaries… do more…



I have a list of ideas for the Autumn, but can’t decide which to choose, how about you? Some of mine are exciting and sensible, others are not at all and a little closer….. what do you fancy achieving and could I help you? Do let me know.



‪#‎Kimpossible‬ ‪#‎JoyfulJune‬…

Here’s my mini exercise for you to do this week, and report back …. :-)

Accountability is key.



Writing down:

3 things you are proud of in May, and how they made you feel

2 things you learned or thoughts that are limiting you and how you can lessen them in June, clear action

3 clear goals you want to achieve, feel, do in June, how you will make them happen, and why it’s important….

Write it down, feel scared, then excited, then believe, begin and commit

Finally a trio of thoughts, and links for you as we start June….. 


Looking for inspiration – check this out and choose 3 quotes for the month (which do you choose, I ended up with 6, but that’s okay right…!?) http://www.inc.com/lolly-daskal/65-quotes-that-will-dare-you-to-do-great-things.html​

This Week, 1-7th June is  Women in Sport Week… look out for my blog on who inspires me…. love to know who inspire you? Tweet @kimingleby #thisgirlcan  https://www.womeninsport.org/news/womens-sport-week-1-7-june-2015/

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DNA Testing… is it worth it?


DNA Testing?

Is it worth it…. it seem’s expensive….what will I actually gain from having it done?  The most common comments I am getting asked, and the questions I thought before having it done.

I’ve watched over the last couple of years the latest trends within the fitness industry, seeing which ones I think are the best to train, educate and progress my knowledge, and the service I offer to my clients.

The DNA Body Performance Pro Test comes in at £250.  What I think is, that as a one off test, with all the information you receive, if it’s something that interests you, its worth the investment.

You will learn how your body responds to certain types of exercise,  how quickly you recover and if you are prone to injury.  The test also looks at your carbohydrate, salt, alcohol, diary tolerance levels, and your ability to for your body to process, produce, synthesis Anti Oxidants, Omega 3, Vit B, D, and your detoxification ability.

What must be taken into consideration, is testing your DNA is a snap shot to enhance your performance, well being, fat loss and enjoyment.  It’s a part of your lifestyle, so if you already have a balanced life, good sleep, good, fresh foods, balanced training and recovery, and fun…. and are looking for an edge to train smarter, or/and you don’t have any of this, and have tried loads of things and nothing quite gives you the motivation and results, DNA Fit I believe is a useful, strong tool.

The results come via email in a great summary sheet, mine is attached above.  Combined with this is a breakdown of each area to give you more advice and knowledge if you would like to know the science and more behind it.

Personally my DNA test was fascinating, way more interesting that I thought it would be, and useful.   I do think it should be taken with caution, for if I had received my results, without the knowledge I have I may have thought… well I can’t do a marathon, or I’m sensitive and intolerant to so much, ahh!! However, I found it so useful, personally and professionally.

Without a doubt I have to manage my food, nutrition and recovery at a higher level than some to complete things without being injured.  Through my years I have had several extreme, near death conditions/sports injuries… having this knowledge helps me to refine things further and I will monitor with interest the results.  I think it was by no coincidence I contracted weils disease and encephalitis following training for an Ironman and eating more carbohydrates.  So, okay huge stress on the body, etc etc… but it’s useful information.

For Team Energised Clients, I think it is exciting and will allow me to fine tune their training programmes and nutrition more specifically. Of course, this is something we do already, as every body is different, and every body at different ages and stages in life is different… but this adds another edge to training.   And I think it is exceptionally relevant for everyone, for GP Referral and complex medical cases to Team GB athletes, business people or teenagers…

Stats out in a recent feature for Healthy Magazine sugggest that 60% of bodyweight varience is down to genetic factors, and 33% were more likely to lose weight by having their DNA tested and following adapted nutrition plan, to a standard plan. Interesting thoughts that are obviously in their infancy in the fitness market, but one I am definitely certain will appeal and benefit a proportion of my clients.

Keep a look out for our Blood Testing Analysis, DNA Pro Training and thoughts in July.

Train Smart – Order your’s Today…. questions tweet @kimingleby

You can order a DNA Fit Pro Performance Test directly with myself by clicking here or send me an email energisedperformance@gmail.comhttp://www.energisedperformance.com/section.php/585/1/dna_fit_testing

I believe the DNA Testing makes your training smarter and more specific, and links really well with our Summer #HotBod Course starting on 21st June – http://kiminglebyfit.com/30-day-challenge-hot-bod/

Find out more here: http://www.dnafit.com/

DNA Fit Interview with Matt Roberts (who I used to work for in 2001 and highly respect) https://youtu.be/DrbOG610lr4

Take some time to recover this Easter…. but how & why….. ?


Recovery?  Hmmmm, do you do that?  I mean really do that.

It’s an interesting one. I coach many people to get motivated to have the confidence to start to get fit.  Then they become fit, and love that feeling.  Or get super focused on the results, almost addicted.  It’s good right? And then I coach people World Champions, Ironman, Triathlon, Marathon’s, adventures, Stage Shows… and the training is tough, and there is a lot.


But what about Rest, Recovery and Adaption…. this is just a simple little blog for thought.

If you are a professional athlete, rest, recovery and adaption is planned in your training. Combined with great nutrition, sports massage and lots more.

If you are someone with big fitness goals, beach #fitbod goals, running your first marathon or ‘semi pro goals’ I think we forget that we are doing ‘life’, work, families, caring, cooking etc as well as training.  And therefore our training needs to be smarter, and have a great sense of quality and wisdom behind it to adapt to our lifestyle.

Yet what needs to be most highlighted is our recovery.  This is KEY.  This is where your body adapts and recovers, where the muscles become stronger, faster and leaner.  Where your body rebalances the stress levels, and burns fat.  Where you reduce the risk of injury, increase your motivation, refuel with delicious food and sleep.

I know, I know… it’s harder to rest when things are going to plan, and frustrating to rest if you are injured…. yet either and both is key.  Above all it reduces your stress levels letting all of the above happen.

So how do I recover well?


I see it as an essential part of training.  I block it into my diary, and think of it as time to rebalance, to catch up with friends or family, to cook and play with a new recipe, to review my training, to do something different.  I also see recover as maintenance with sports massage, osteopathy and kineosiology, as required.   I know this is an expense, but I see it as essential to overall wellbeing, a good role model for my business, to be in client role and to help manage my encephalitis.


Which brings me to what I have learned about recover and a condition….. the smarter you train, with the best, good food that works for you, with lots of sleep and recovery… makes you way stronger, happier and healthier than ‘junk’ training and lots of supplements without the base being strong. But that’s just what I think and recommend…

When I train… I have three types of sessions.  The first is a serious focused, high intensity session.  There may be music, but often there is silence and the focus on my mind on the results I want.  It’s hard, sweaty and only when I am focused on a set goal.  I do love these, but I have to be feeling good.  If I’m not, I will adapt and change the day to get the best quality from the session.  Session two is focused and still challenging, but a little easier, maybe listening to a podcast in the background with plenty of focus on from, technique and developing my overall fitness.  The final session is PLAY, its for fun, it’s what I fancy, doing what I want, for as long as I want.

I believe keeping your training FUN is so important.  Whatever you love to do, do it… from dance to rock climbing, lifting weights to ballet, running to skydiving, find you love and do it. Do it until the motivation ebbs, and then find something else….

I also cycle my training overall, so sometimes I may have a big fitness goal and competition, so for 3 months, this is my FOCUS and priority.  Then for the following 1-2 months at least, it’s in maintenance. Where I do regular little bits of training, but it’s not my priority. Overall I find this helps if I get injured to have a balance in life, and other interests, whilst also reduces the risk of injury.  I also find it enhances my focus to compete at my best, whilst avoiding burnout….

in your head

To recover and avoid delayed onset of muscles soreness I believe all the above is key… 

Listening to your body and adapting the sessions accordingly.

Allowing enough recovery from and between key sessions to allow adaption and growth to occur.

Booking a sports massage or osteopathy treatment, or whatever works for you regularly to keep things in balance. Making time to foam roll, and stretch. Having a bath with epsom salts.

Mixing up your training cycles and focus.

Having good, healthy fresh food and making it tasty and interesting

Having plenty of sleep and rest – or as much as you can and adapting if you are short of sleep or stressed at work/children etc, to keep stress levels balanced

Supplementing appropriately – I love Green & Purple Powder, https://greenpowder.co.uk/

Phil Richards Range (for recovery Collagen, Amino Relax – there are many)


Organo Green Tea http://energisedperformance.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=0d786edd08ece7ef5839b4aab&id=750dcbafe0&e=a03f6ab727

Using a great recovery balm like Activbod Cooling Finish Gel https://activbod.com/#!store/cykf/collections/all/1


Sharing your progress, celebrating the highs and learning and adapting from the challenges….

That’s my quick ramble about recovery… I could write lots more, but for now… I would love to know what you think, any questions and what you do to recover? tweet me @kimingleby @energisedcoach



Photos:Kevin Sacre Images (C) Kit: Sweaty Betty

Your #WednesdayWorkout #KimFit

#WednesdayWorkout #KimFit

A little #HIIT Strength Combo Set…. make sure you are clear on your technique before you start

And remember, to get fitter and stronger you have to eat good, real food, you have to recovery and sleep well, you have to train hard and train smart… the balance and mix is the key.

Here it is:

Warm up: 10mins, 20sec intervals on bike/cross trainer/treadmill

1. 200m Rower Sprint (with good techinque)
2. Deadlift, Straight leg: 20 reps x 4 sets
(Swiss Ball Squat if you are new to exercise or unsure of the technique)
3. Clean & Press (watch technique): 12 reps x 4 sets (Swiss Ball Seated Shoulder press if you are new to exercise)
4. Box Jumps: 60 secs to fatigue
5. Hanging Leg Raises: 60 secs to fatigue

Cool down, foam roll, stretch, refuel smile emoticon Boom!

Grab the moments, make them count.

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New Year’s Resolutions, Be Brave and Go Do…..

#Kimpossible weekend kick for YOU… yes indeed  So… you know that thing that scares you, but you really want to do it….?Not a huge thing, but something that you know will make a difference to YOU and your life, confidence and daily well being….. Well, this weekend, I challenge you to go and do it.

Because, there will never be a right time, everything will never feel just right… sometimes you just have to do ‘it’. Here’s my commitment to you…..

I got a bike fit by the lovely people at the The Triathlon Shop in June 2013, then Weils near killed me off, then I tried to kill it off last September, then it nearly killed me again…. left with autoimmune encephalitis which pops up regularly enough to challenge me…. and give me millions of learnings.

Yesterday I decided was the day. The conditions were not perfect in me, but the weather and day was……I managed a very wobbly, very short bike ride on my own! Yippee, yippee.

So if you think, I’m waiting to feel this….. before I do this….. you may wait a long time. I was very nervous.

I know it will be a bit like a dance, forwards once step, rest two steps backwards, forward another. But hey, let’s go for that ride together…..

I want to live, bounce, laugh, love and be fit, inside and out. I want YOU (if you are ready) to join me this year and do just that…..

#mylb Make your Life Brilliant Workshops – Bristol 24th Jan & London 31st Jan

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#hotbod 30 Day Online Course, starts 18th Jan – simple nutrition and training plans to get results: http://kiminglebyfit.com/30-day-challenge-hot-bod/