My afternoon with Action for Happiness, His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Friends

Wow, what an experience, listening to His Holiness The Dalai Lama and friends yesterday at the Action for Happiness, Happier World Event in London.  A real moment of Happiness.


Action for Happiness sets out to create a Happier World, filled with Compassion & Kindness towards ourselves, and others. I truly believe this is a good philosophy for life, and it has served me well through the experiences and challenges, and giving the best to my clients.

The patron is his Holiness, the Dalai Lama & Mark Williamson is the Director of Action for Happiness.

Their key principles are based around your GREAT DREAM… 

G iving – do things for others

R elating – connect with people

E xercising – take care of your body (& nourish your body with #feelgood foods)

A ppreciating – notice the world around you

T rying out – keep learning new things

D irection – have goals to look forward to

R esilience – find a way to bounce back

E motion – take a positive approach

A cceptance – be comfortable (or learn) with who you are (develop self love/respect)

M eaning – be part of something bigger


As I write these out, I really believe they are a fundamental in helping each person to feel better about their life, however tough it is in the moment you are reading this… and also to feel joy and embrace it, if you are having a good time.

The line up of speakers at the event was truly inspiring. I love what Suzy Greaves is doing with Psychologies Magazine & her Happiness Clubs, Mattieu Ricards compassion & values of meditation were insightful and captivating as always, Daniel Goleman, a fountain of wisdom & for me, Richard Davidson a renowned neuroscientist was brilliant.

To have the science linking with the well being I believe is powerful stuff, and his research on neurolplasticity is something I have been reading a huge amount on, personally for my own brain healing (post weils encephalitis) and for many complex GP referral cases I work with.

Richard’s Key Research and evidence to neuro plasticity and looking after your brain, which his Holiness highlighted too are:

  1. Resilience –  to learn, adapt and overcome adversity
  2. The Ability to Savour Positive Outcomes and Experiences, and sustain a positive outlook
  3. Attention – to develop positive habits and a quiet mind, focused in the present.  To quieten your wandering, unhappy mind and move away from things that may ‘feed’ this
  4. Generosity, be kind to others and kind to yourself, engage in things that enhance this, as this will develop positive circuits in the brain, and keep your ‘mental hygiene’ good

The overall statement – Look after & use your brain daily  – if you don’t like something, change what you can, and if you can’t change it, change your thinking. Practise the art of self love, compassion & kindness, whilst looking after yourself too :-)

The speakers whom captivated me the most were the children from John Stainer School, led by Adrian Bethune.  I coach a lot of teenagers who are really struggling with liking the person they are, and finding joy in what they do.   The principles of self love, kindness, mindfulness, of love, wonder, curiosity (i really think we can all use more of this) and so much more really is impacting these children, so exciting and wonderful to see.  I just wish every child (and adult) who doubted themselves had the courage to find these tools and start a journey to feel good.


Action for Happiness run a course called Exploring What Matters, I encourage you to check it out. Psychologies Magazine have also set up Happiness Clubs all over the UK.  Both link really well with my philosophy and values for my Energised Performance clients, so watch this space as we may run both in Bristol and perhaps even on line.  Even if I don’t, get involved and if you have questions, just ask me :-)


So my leaving message, from His Holiness & the other wonderful speakers, to pass onto you is this…

You are you own Master.  You are the Master of your Thoughts, Your Brain & your Body. Some situations or conditions you cannot change, but you can change your way of thinking about them.  Utilise your intelligence daily, nourish your body, develop compassion for yourself and others, journal happy things, learn and adapt from challenging things, nuture self love and inner peace, go on adventures, explore, move your body….. pay attention to your attention.

So there you have a little summary for thought (& action :-) I hope.

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#JoyfulJune….. your top 3 Goals to Set & Achieve?


I hope you had a wonderful weekend?

So many of my #teamenergised #thepossibles & friends were out and about, achieving great things, I’m totally inspired… really and truly.

From a Big Team Energised Group at the Bristol 10km including several ladies doing their first 10km to Outside of Bristol, the Edinbugh Marathon (Sweaty Betty Bristol Manager Amy, woo hoo!), Nottingham Triathlon, Outlaw 70.3 Triathlon & WBFF UK Stage Show (Abby Pell you rock!), amazing, amazing results. I love the courage and commitment people have to achieve things, stretch their boundaries… do more…



I have a list of ideas for the Autumn, but can’t decide which to choose, how about you? Some of mine are exciting and sensible, others are not at all and a little closer….. what do you fancy achieving and could I help you? Do let me know.



‪#‎Kimpossible‬ ‪#‎JoyfulJune‬…

Here’s my mini exercise for you to do this week, and report back …. :-)

Accountability is key.



Writing down:

3 things you are proud of in May, and how they made you feel

2 things you learned or thoughts that are limiting you and how you can lessen them in June, clear action

3 clear goals you want to achieve, feel, do in June, how you will make them happen, and why it’s important….

Write it down, feel scared, then excited, then believe, begin and commit

Finally a trio of thoughts, and links for you as we start June….. 


Looking for inspiration – check this out and choose 3 quotes for the month (which do you choose, I ended up with 6, but that’s okay right…!?)​

This Week, 1-7th June is  Women in Sport Week… look out for my blog on who inspires me…. love to know who inspire you? Tweet @kimingleby #thisgirlcan

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LOVE you to join a fab group and let me support you feel good this summer….

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#MondayMotivation….. 3 Questions for you?

live in your fears

#MondayMotivation have a read…. 3 questions for you…

The Hot Bod Course has started online for 30 Days, I’m really excited about running it. I saw Cirque du Soleil this weekend, I was really excited about this too (whilst managing the old encephalitis with the strobes!) and I watched the Voice….. exciting.

Possibly annoying for a Monday morning… to be so excited… but hey, I thought. We, You, I have one life. To really make things happen you have to get uncomfortable, you have to change things, you have to think… if I had just one chance, would I have the courage to commit and give everything? Would I have the courage to find the enjoyment in the moment, no matter how tough?

I dare you, I challenge you… to think.

1. What could you not live without really trying?

2. What would you be really sad about not doing?

3. If the length of your life was limited, what would you suddenly think…. yes, I just have to do this, go here, try this, spend some time with this person?

Write these questions down, answer them…. and then, please, please….. take action.

By getting uncomfortable, by changing your ‘script’, your story, your habit….. you can do anything, trust me, you really can.

But the ‘doing anything’ requires a huge dose of courage, the nerve to commit and the bravery the believe in yourself, even though the chance of ‘failing’ is so high…each time you ‘fail’ you learn to become wiser,

I’m pretty sure the Cirque performers have ‘failed’ numerous times before they mastered some of the crazy stunts they pulled off (I mean, I am so not strong in comparison, but hey, never compare, observe excellence to become better, or simply to marvel and enjoy talent). And I’m pretty sure the people on the Voice, however they come across had to overcome a huge level of what if and fear to walk on that stage…

So this week, step one step further onto a stage you have not been on before…. and share with us, how that goes.

I would love to know, and I will share too – I have signed up to Ciromedia classes, to learn to cartwheel, hey, you have to start somewhere and I can’t even somersault. I’ve also signed up to a writing, poetry course with a guy called Tyler Knott, if you love poems, read his book. I found it in Conwy, he is from America… it’s pretty cool.

And remember, if you think, I don’t have time….. think, when will I change the script and be ready to make the time to do the uncomfortable, to see what is possible?

Join us: Bristol Workshop or OnLine Course starting mid Feb to achieve your Goals:

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do more

My interview on Confidence, Fitness & Self Love


discover you

The lovely lady, Helene that run’s Magpies and Ladders has just returned from a month’s adventures in Vietnam (exciting) and interviewed me for her site.  Such a pleasure to answer her questions, thank you Helene.

You can read our interview and see some great photos here:

Helene puts the words of ‘wisdom’ from her interviews into ‘Love Letter’s… I LOVE what she did with my interview.  You can click and read more here:

Thank you Helene, happy days to you all.

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