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Watch her TEDx Talk herehttps://youtu.be/E2p86KJU8hw?list=PLz9sRi8Qg5wBH0praWigIVQR1sHpHU-fH

#IFS2015 Personal Trainer of the Year 

Life Fitness Global Trainer to Watch 2013 

Kim is one of the UK’s Leading Mind and Body Expert’s, known often as the ‘Mind Body Ninja’. With over 15 years experience in the industry, she is an Award Winning, Brand Ambassador, Writer, Fitness Model, Athlete & Coach with the Energy, Knowledge and Positive Passion to Empower you to be You Best.

Kim has trained with some of the World’s leaders in Health, Well being and Performance, continuing to advance her knowledge every year and it isher aim to empower as many people as she can to really like the person they are, to go for their goals and to be as fit, healthy and energised aspossible. She travels around the world with GB teams, celebrities and individuals, writes for all the leading fitness and well being magazines & is a motivational speaker. Kim is exceptionally proud to represent Sweaty Betty & Shock Absorber to empower women through fitness. She regularly competes herself and has raised over £38,000 for charity. She is a motivational speaker, often with her Olympic and Media Personality Client through Energised Business. One day she will compete on Strictly Come Dancing herself (maybe!) and that would be a challenge (as she can’t walk in heels!).

Kim is an established Energised Performance in 2004, with a real desire to help people improve their fitness, well being ,confidence and performance. Over the year’s Energised has developed a comprehensive, proven range of mind and body systems empowering you to enhance your overall energy and guarantee results. If you have always had a dream or goal in your mind and struggled to achieve, Kim has the tools to help you make it really happen. It can be anything from improving your competition times and winning an medal, to running your first ever 5km, to really increasing your energy, improving your posture and growing your confidence. Combining the latest personal training methods with sports therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Nutritional Advice and even Hypnotherapy if you need it, Kim has helped people achieve their goals. Client successes include winning BBC Strictly Come Dancing, Gold at World Championships, competing at London 2012, losing over 6 stone and becoming truly confident, rehabilitating post joint replacement & heart surgery, working with complex neurological medical conditions and trekking to the South Pole. She has helped people overcome their fears of open water swimming, coming back after injury, body dysmorphia, confidence issues and fertility problems.

Personally Kim is a happy, smiley person with a positive, realistic outlook on life. She loves to run in the mud, be outdoors in the fresh air, climb up hills, laugh with friends, catch up with family, travel the world, try new things, pop some heels on and be a bit of a lady every now and then (!), write, read, relax and dance! Kim really believes that she has the empathy, skills, knowledge and commitment to help you achieve your goals, learn how to live in the best way for you and truly be the very best version of yourself, no limits.

Kim know’s she can do for you, as she constantly working with people who are better than her, and developing her own skills and knowledge. She fully practises what she teaches. Kim never used to include this next paragraph in her summary but a wise coach told her, the human element was powerful and shows she knows exactly how to help you…. When she was much younger she was extremely shy and would hide away from doing anything she does now! When she was around 10 -13 years old she had a challenging few years, spending time in hospitals, this is where she knows she has gained the edge to empower you. She has had a beef worm in her head, bacterial meningitis, internal bleeding in her kidneys, numerous biopsy’s, two operations on her nose after breaking it three times, suffers from bad hayfever, exercise induced asthma & Reynards Sydrome. And all of that is a positive.

It gives Kim all the tools which she has integrated into the Energised Systems to help learn how to be your very best today, be that an Olympic Athlete or just a happy, healthy Energised Person.

25 Random Things you may not know about our Founder Kim:http://www.energisedperformance.com/blog/energised-performance/25-random-things-you-may-not-know-about-our-head-coach-kim/

What do Kim’s client’s say:

‘With my work I am depending on my body and mind to always deliver it’s best. Kim helps me to make it possible to give it 100% every time, and feel fantastic. Thank you Kim, you are an angel!’ Camilla DallerupPresenter, Dancer, Winner BBC Strictly Come Dancing, Calender Girls Tour


To find out more visit  http://www.energisedperformance.com/ whilst we build this site. You can tweet me https://twitter.com/kimingleby

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