Adventuring Soul…..

I’m not sure where I will be when you read this….!
Scotland, Bristol or somewhere in India….. I should be running the Himalayan 100miler for charity but due to the bike knocking me out, I’m unsure if I will be able to go due to my elbow of all things..
Anyhow, whatever happens it will be the right decision and I will be running the 100 miles for five little charities in India next Monday to Friday, or the UK Tuesday to Saturday, finishing with the Beachy Head Marathon. There are links below for my pre blog for Sportsister, Charity page & Himalayan 100 info… medical check ups to come!
Whilst I am away (I hope to be able to update you all along the way) I thought these three thoughts were a great little ‘exercise’ to leave you with,
‘Relax, refresh, reconnect….’

Really love these three words and think they are super important to think about….

When did you last relax? What helps you to relax? Make a little time this week to relax your mind and body 🙏🏻

What helps you food, movement and self care wise to refresh? Often we get really busy and forget what we need to do to refresh and #feelgood. Make a little note today if the things you could do to help you refresh ☀️

What fills you with passion, excitement and joy, maybe a little fear? It’s different for everyone yet reconnect with that, make a little plan and find the time to start growing your passions with purpose, even if it’s slightly different to how you imagine 💜

You could choose to relax this week, refresh next and reconnect the following… write a little diary and keep me posted how you go 🙂

I’ve got some tips with Bare Biology on how to live in the moment and o find out more about reconnecting click on my Tedx Bristol talk 💛

If I do make it to India I will return on Sunday 30th late, so there the next update will be on Sunday 6th November, if not a little summary on the 1st of my adventures,
I really look forward to hearing how you all are going and sharing my adventure, the training and mindset to complete it and supporting you winter fitness,
I’m most excited about completing Draft 1 of my Make your Life Brilliant little stocking filler book, and updating our Festive Fit Bod courses in November… do jump on, all the links are below,

Big happy super 10 days to you all,

Coach, Mentor and Friend, Kim with her super Team Gail (pop her an email to save £5 on your massage whilst I’m away!), Paul looking after your fitness and Claire keeping the piggy energised bank flowing!
Running Blogs and Charities 
Just a little summary of things to come from November to early 2017, 
Love you to come along to some or all of them, just let me know what takes your fancy and if you have any questions.
We should have our updated website live by early November, and would love your feedback on if you would like more video, blogs, podcasts or images or less and just email?
Here are some ideas and thoughts for you all…
November Small Group – Tuesday’s 1 – 29th Nov, £65 (or £16 per session)
1st – Paul, 8th – Kim, 15th – Paul, 22nd – Kim, 29th – Paul
Dec Small Group – Tuesday’s 6, 13th and 20th – £39
6th – Kim, 13th Paul, 20th – Kim
21 Day Challenge, Festive Fit Bod & Feel Good Challenge, starts 14th Nov, with daily challenges which are easy to do at home, special price for you each £29 (until end of October)
Sat 19th November – Children In Need Big Bootcamp at Blaise – tbc
8.30-10am, £10 per person, 50% to Charity, Bake a Cake Sale too, more to come
Team Energised Christmas Off Road 10km – Sat 3rd Dec
Make 2017 Brilliant Workshop and Courses – more info here:
Energised Christmas Party Drinks & Celebrations – Weds 14th 
Location tbc but likely Grupo Lounge in Westbury but we may hire a room if people are keen 🙂 6.30 – 9pm onwards, food optional, everyone welcome, love you to be able to come along
Christmas Gift Vouchers, DNA Fit Testing Kit Vouchers & Blood Testing Vouchers, Energised Kit & Phil Richard Supplements all available now 🙂 Buy any over £50 and receive a £10 voucher for yourself to spend on Energised Services in 2016.


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