LOVEly Week Ahead…..?

#MondayMotivation #Kimpossible


Did you have a great weekend? A really LOVEly one? Did you celebrate the things you love in your life, the people and most importantly, did you celebrate wonderful YOU? Or at least something about you that you like a tiny bit? I hope so. If not, do it now….. and do it every week this year. See what happens…

I liked this quote for #fearlessfeb as we start our Make your Life Briliant Course online. Often we think, I have tried this before, I have tried it and I can’t do it, it doesn’t work, there is no point…. etc. We create limitations in our own minds of why we can’t do something, it’s kind of like a comfortable safety net, that doesn’t really work that well, yet it works.

Through my weils and encephalitis, which I don’t really like to talk about too much, but occasionally feels like it might be helpful for you… I have often come to the ‘end’ of a path and felt stuck, frustrated, unsure and confused about what I ‘should’ do next, like the possibilities of progression have ended. And then, with a moment, or a day like this, I pause and reflect. Firstly, its normal in life to have moments of not feeling okay. Then its totally normal to create a safety net to deal with these situations….

Yet I want to jump out of the net, I want to find the possibilities that are out there, I want to find what I have not found…. for only finding and exploring what we don’t know, losing sight of the shore and what is comfortable do we find and learn new things, new feelings and new depths of courage, compassion, enjoyment and happiness…

So my ramble for #Mondaysmotivation today is this….. when you doubt yourself, when you think I just don’t know if this is right but I wish I could give it a go…… do.

Give ‘it’ a go…. the worst that could happen is it doesn’t work, in whatever context that means… but what will definetly happen is that you will find some more possibilities…

So this week, be brave, braver than you think you can be and go find…. find a possibility that you never knew excited and see what happens

I’ve got your back, I’m supporting you and believing in you …. I know you can do this!! #courage #belief#mylb #thepossibles #mylb

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