Your #WednesdayWorkout #KimFit

#WednesdayWorkout #KimFit

A little #HIIT Strength Combo Set…. make sure you are clear on your technique before you start

And remember, to get fitter and stronger you have to eat good, real food, you have to recovery and sleep well, you have to train hard and train smart… the balance and mix is the key.

Here it is:

Warm up: 10mins, 20sec intervals on bike/cross trainer/treadmill

1. 200m Rower Sprint (with good techinque)
2. Deadlift, Straight leg: 20 reps x 4 sets
(Swiss Ball Squat if you are new to exercise or unsure of the technique)
3. Clean & Press (watch technique): 12 reps x 4 sets (Swiss Ball Seated Shoulder press if you are new to exercise)
4. Box Jumps: 60 secs to fatigue
5. Hanging Leg Raises: 60 secs to fatigue

Cool down, foam roll, stretch, refuel smile emoticon Boom!

Grab the moments, make them count.

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#TuesdayTest What do you drink? Teapig #matchachallenge


What do you drink? Do you hydrate enough? Do you notice the difference if you have…? I would love to know.

I recommend a pint of warm water with lemon juice in the morning, followed by 2-3 litres of water depending on your body weight and training intensity,

I include Green and White Tea, with Peppermint and Liquirice Tea, that’s my mix… what’s yours?

Your body is made up of a lot of water, it needs water to work efficiently, to give you a sparkle in your eyes, to break down food, to give you energy, boost immunity and #feelgood.

This week’s #tuesdaytest and boosting our energy even more is the teapigs #matchachallenge, packed full of antioxidants and used for centuries for numerous health benefits its definitely worth a go…. 2 week challenge, who’s joining in then?

Find out more and buy yours here: #matcha15 gets 20% off

Share your photos on FB, Twitter and Instagram #matchchallenge #hotbod


#MondayMotivation….. 3 Questions for you?

live in your fears

#MondayMotivation have a read…. 3 questions for you…

The Hot Bod Course has started online for 30 Days, I’m really excited about running it. I saw Cirque du Soleil this weekend, I was really excited about this too (whilst managing the old encephalitis with the strobes!) and I watched the Voice….. exciting.

Possibly annoying for a Monday morning… to be so excited… but hey, I thought. We, You, I have one life. To really make things happen you have to get uncomfortable, you have to change things, you have to think… if I had just one chance, would I have the courage to commit and give everything? Would I have the courage to find the enjoyment in the moment, no matter how tough?

I dare you, I challenge you… to think.

1. What could you not live without really trying?

2. What would you be really sad about not doing?

3. If the length of your life was limited, what would you suddenly think…. yes, I just have to do this, go here, try this, spend some time with this person?

Write these questions down, answer them…. and then, please, please….. take action.

By getting uncomfortable, by changing your ‘script’, your story, your habit….. you can do anything, trust me, you really can.

But the ‘doing anything’ requires a huge dose of courage, the nerve to commit and the bravery the believe in yourself, even though the chance of ‘failing’ is so high…each time you ‘fail’ you learn to become wiser,

I’m pretty sure the Cirque performers have ‘failed’ numerous times before they mastered some of the crazy stunts they pulled off (I mean, I am so not strong in comparison, but hey, never compare, observe excellence to become better, or simply to marvel and enjoy talent). And I’m pretty sure the people on the Voice, however they come across had to overcome a huge level of what if and fear to walk on that stage…

So this week, step one step further onto a stage you have not been on before…. and share with us, how that goes.

I would love to know, and I will share too – I have signed up to Ciromedia classes, to learn to cartwheel, hey, you have to start somewhere and I can’t even somersault. I’ve also signed up to a writing, poetry course with a guy called Tyler Knott, if you love poems, read his book. I found it in Conwy, he is from America… it’s pretty cool.

And remember, if you think, I don’t have time….. think, when will I change the script and be ready to make the time to do the uncomfortable, to see what is possible?

Join us: Bristol Workshop or OnLine Course starting mid Feb to achieve your Goals:

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Tuesday Test: ActivBod Range, we think it’s good!


#TuesdayTest #Kimpossible….

Really loving the new Activbod range…. Packed full of refreshing, natural ingredients to enhance your performance, recovery and energy, its definitely worth having in your bathroom and training kit bag I think 

You can get it at Boots UK, their own site (and find out more) and Birch box Online by clicking the link. Whilst it’s supported by lots of lovely sporting ladies…. I think the Guys will love it too (and love to know what you think)

My TOP 3 products from the range  are the shower gel, the cooling gel post workout and the little mind over matter aroma balm. Perfect blend to aid recovery and enhance performance.


So many women are loving it, including two of my favorite ladies who know about working out, sweating and looking good, Natalie Lowe & Helen Skelton.!store/cykf/collections/all/1

PS. Do Join us: 


Hot Bod….. simple solutions, tips and advice in nutrition, training and confidence, 30 Day Challenge, starts 18th Jan.


New Year’s Resolutions, Be Brave and Go Do…..

#Kimpossible weekend kick for YOU… yes indeed  So… you know that thing that scares you, but you really want to do it….?Not a huge thing, but something that you know will make a difference to YOU and your life, confidence and daily well being….. Well, this weekend, I challenge you to go and do it.

Because, there will never be a right time, everything will never feel just right… sometimes you just have to do ‘it’. Here’s my commitment to you…..

I got a bike fit by the lovely people at the The Triathlon Shop in June 2013, then Weils near killed me off, then I tried to kill it off last September, then it nearly killed me again…. left with autoimmune encephalitis which pops up regularly enough to challenge me…. and give me millions of learnings.

Yesterday I decided was the day. The conditions were not perfect in me, but the weather and day was……I managed a very wobbly, very short bike ride on my own! Yippee, yippee.

So if you think, I’m waiting to feel this….. before I do this….. you may wait a long time. I was very nervous.

I know it will be a bit like a dance, forwards once step, rest two steps backwards, forward another. But hey, let’s go for that ride together…..

I want to live, bounce, laugh, love and be fit, inside and out. I want YOU (if you are ready) to join me this year and do just that…..

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